The Different Types of Trailer Rentals

For all moving needs, there are a variety of trailers that will provide the proper solutions and amenities. It is up to the customer to determine which type of trailer rentals will deliver, with the right guidelines and set of requirements.

To determine the type of rental trailers to use, one has to be familiar with the most common types of trailers rented for daily needs. The following should provide you a good idea of the type of trailer you will need.

Flatbed Trailers:
Flatbed trailers are commonly utilized by homeowners who want to move furniture, decorations, equipment and other items that do not need extra protection from the elements. Flatbed trailers are perfect for moving items in short distances and for items that are oddly shaped that fitting into an enclosed trailer should be difficult, if not impossible.

Drop Deck Trailers:
As the name implies, Drop Deck trailers drop down for easy access when loading and unloading cargo. They are ideal for moving vehicles as it is fairly easy to drive up and down the trailers.

Lowboy Trailers:
Lowboy trailers, as the name implies, are trailers that have their load floors close to the ground. They are ideal for moving heavy equipment and vehicles, such as bulldozers and cranes since they are closer to the ground for easier loading and can handle a great deal of weight.

Dry Van Trailers:
Although the name may be confused with the regular van, Dry Van trailers are full-sized to handle huge amounts of cargo. The insides are similar to a van and are ideal for transporting soft products and goods, such as clothing and paper products. They usually have paneling or covering in their interior to carry dry goods and equipment. For whatever use you might think of for this trailer type, you can be sure that the items you want to haul will be protected from the elements and bad weather due to its enclosed feature.

Livestock Trailers:
Most commonly used for transporting cows and horses, livestock travel trailers are enclosed at the bottom but have openings at eye level for animals to allow good ventilation. Most common livestock trailers are horse trailers, which has more elaborate features to ensure a stress free and safe travel experience for the horses. These trailers must have proper room for the horses to move and brace for balance and with several window slats to let in light and ventilation.

Whether for moving home furniture, decoration and appliances; or for hauling small and heavy equipment, there will always be a trailer type to suit your every need. Make sure to find the proper trailer size for your items and find a reputable service provider to ensure safe and secure hauling services.

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