101 Meter World’s Tallest Scania Zoomlion Concrete Pump Truck

You may have seen concrete pump trucks in construction sites and thought how tall they look. But what you have seen upto now will look like dwarfs compared with this concrete pump truck you see below. This is the world’s tallest concrete pump truck.
zoomlion concrete truckThe height of this concrete pump truck with the concrete pump fully stretched is 101 meters or 331 feet!

You can see how tall this truck is from the above photo. Look how small the 7 axle Scania truck body is compared with the concrete pumps height. How small will a man look next to this?

The 101 metres long concrete pump has got a 7-section boom with the last 4 sections being made of carbon fibre. This 7-section boom folds into the back of the truck like in the below picture.

concrete pump truck

Scania trucks together with a Chinese concrete machinery manufacturer called Zoomlion made this truck and unveiled it in 2012. In order to make this truck Scania had engineered and built a special 7-axle truck chassis. Zoomlion had made the concrete pump and boom.
scania truck chassisThis purpose built 15.5-metre truck chassis, with a 620 hp V8-engine, is probably the longest ever built by Scania trucks.

This safely put this Scania truck in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s tallest concrete pump truck. But there is no telling how long this record will last. In recent years, the giants of the world concrete pump industry have tried to out do each other, time and time again by building the tallest or biggest concrete pump trucks.

They expect to sell this truck in China where there are lot of construction work going on with the country developing very fast. However Scania and Zoomlion hope there will be demand for this concrete pump from Europe too.

Image credit and source:  Scania.com

towing space shuttle

Toyota Tundra Pickup Tows Space Shuttle Endeavour In LA 405 Freeway For 12 Miles!

A Toyota Tundra pickup truck without any special modifications has managed to tow the Space Shuttle Endeavour for 12 miles or 19 kilometers! Here is a picture taken of this great Toyota endevour event.

towing space shuttle

On October 12, 2012, a Toyota Tundra pickup with no special modifications took on the job of towing Space Shuttle Endeavour across Los Angeles 405 freeway. Here is a video about this Toyota Tundra endeavor!

Toyota Presents: The Tundra Endeavour — Mission Accomplished

You can find out more about this Toyota Tundra Endeavour mission from this page at Toyota website itself.

According to www.egmcartech.com the Toyota Tundra model model used to tow Endeavour was a 2012 Tundra CrewMax 4×4 with Toyota’s 5.7-liter iForce V8, producing 381 horsepower. With such specifications the Toyota Tundra half-ton pickup had completed the most difficult task for a pickup ever – towing the 150,000 pounds space shuttle Endeavour across a 12 mile route spanning the busiest freeway of the United States!

Toyota had done extensive testing and worked with a group called the Sarens Group, a heavy lifting and engineering transport company, to develop a special tow dolly to move the Endeavour over the bridge. Michael Rouse, vice president of community affairs and philanthropy for Toyota had said, “We’ve partnered with the California Science Center since the early ’90s as part of our ongoing commitment to inspiring youth in the fields of engineering, innovation and future technology, and we are honored to lend our support for this historic event,”

space shuttle endeavour

This voluntary feat by Toyota is sure to make Toyota Tundra trucks even more popular in the United States and around the world. This event also gave Toyota a lot of free publicity and advertising in all forms of media. Specially noted is this pickup truck photos with the Tundra advertising splashed across the pickups body that was picked up and shared a lot through the Internet in places like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. So we think Toyota has got a lot of free advertising in the media through this event. Now who wouldn’t want to have a pickup truck that has towed even a giant space shuttle?

So we see a lot of comments on the above Youtube video and other places that discuss this event  about the choice of truck brand made by NASA for towing this space shuttle across LA. Lot of American are upset we think because a American branded pickup like Ford, Ram or GM was not used for this towing. Why do you think they didn’t choose an American truck? Is it because they can’t or didn’t have the PR and advertising skills of Toyota?

2013 ford f150

2013 Ford F150 King Ranch Truck Unveiling At The State Fair Of Texas

Ford recently unveiled the 2013 Ford F150 King Ranch luxury pick truck at the State Fair Of Texas.

Below are some photos from this 2013 Ford King Ranch truck’s launching event that were uploaded in Ford trucks Facebook page.
texas state fair

texas king ranch


f 150 king ranch



2013 ford f150


ford truck 2013

This is how the interior seating of this luxury Ford pickup truck looks like. According to the Ford website this F-150 King Ranch has got standard Chaparral leather-trimmed front bucket seats, a flow-through console and many other top quality fittings for a luxurious drive.

ford f150 king ranch

Like you can see here the King Ranch Ford pickup truck is built Ford Tough and is ready to get the day’s work done.

You can find out more details and options available for this new Ford F150 truck at this page on the Ford website.

Jeep truck Jobs

Infographics Quick Facts About The Suppliers For Jeep Wrangler Assembly

Here is a very interesting info-graphic from White House website about the Made in USA products involved in making the famous Jeep Wrangler.
Jeep truck Jobs

Nearly 150 thousand Jeep Wranglers were built at the Jeep factory in 2010 alone. That involved so many part suppliers in the tier one of the Jeep Wrangler supply chain. This dozens of part suppliers employed around 3000 Amercans. So you can see how many direct and indirect jobs are created to manufacturer just one kind of jeep. No wonder Chinese are trying to make their own copy of the Jeep Wrangler and get all the jobs for themselves.

You can checkout the full infographic in the White House website titled as US Auto Industry Resurgence.

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments please.

china baic b40

Chinese BAIC Cars Launch BAIC B40 SUV Jeep Wrangler

Chinese Baic car firm has launched their own version of the famous Jeep Wrangler this Fall of 2012.

china baic b40

Called the BAIC B40 it is a 2 door SUV powered by a 2.4 L Japanese Mitsubishi engine. According to ChinaCarsTrucks.com this Chinese version of the Jeep Wrangler was first introduced about 2 years ago but will only be launched at the 2012 Guangzhou Auto Show. This Baic B40 will also have a 5 door version called the Baic B70. However it is unknown whether the Baic B70 jeep will also be launched together with this Baic B40 jeep.

Here is a picture of how this B40 looks like from side also from ChinaCarsTrucks.com.

baic b40 jeep

Here is the link to more photos of this truck on that website if you want to checkout. (That link also happens to be the place I heard about this news and got these pictures. Thanks ChinaCarsTrucks.com)

I think China should impose laws and block Chinese companies from copying and making duplicate products like this of world famous or otherwise patented products. With its might and size China and its companies maybe able to get away from International copyright infringement laws and fair trade but in the long run it is going to kill innovation among Chinese people and reduce the number of Chinese patents. After all people will start thinking why do you have to struggle to make something unique and superior if you can achieve some great short term success by copying and reproducing a foreign product?

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts through the comments below.

Why Do You Choose To Buy A Ford Truck?

Are you a Ford truck person? I hear most people are Ford truck fans because it’s there family tradition. Their grandfather had a Ford truck, their father had a Ford and now they are also continuing the family tradition. But its not that simple is it?

I think there is always a lot of thinking that goes into when buying a truck that cost thousands of dollars. I think for someone to choose and buy a truck model goes beyond family tradition always! They may like to label it as family tradition to buy a particular brand of truck but I believe they do it more because the truck is durable, works well and looks good.Will you still buy a Ford truck if its quality and conditions dropped a lot from what it is now? I think not. I don’t own a Ford truck but I like them. Ford has good looks, is durable, and has a reputation as a work horse as well as a decent truck.

Today when I was browsing around I came across this same view of buying Ford because it is a family tradition expressed in an article by Sheridan Ford Sales in their blog. It is a interesting article with many views from real people which you might also like to read at this link – What Makes You a Ford Truck Person? But I still think what the truck is matters more to people than whether it is a family tradition or not.  What do you think?


Do I Need To Change The Tecumseh Fuel Filter On My Vehicle

A Tecumseh fuel filter is generally located inside an internal combustion engine and the majority of vehicles will possess one. These contraptions are incredibly important for the performance and durability of a car, because any dirt or rust present in the fuel will be eliminated. Contamination is a major risk if a fuel filter is not fitted and this could interrupt the burning process of fuel. If ignored, other components of a car could experience a fault and as a result, unnecessary expenses will be spent on parts such as spark plugs and fuel additives. To avoid a misdiagnosed complication with an engine, you should learn when it is appropriate to change a fuel filter.

By test driving your car, you can determine whether or not your engine is running improperly. Accelerating to a higher speed while driving, for example from 50mph to 60mph, will present an issue with the engine’s response. If you notice the power of the car deteriorating as you do this, it is worth contacting a specialist who can provide you with a new Tecumseh fuel filter and fit it for you adequately. Alternatively, a fuel filter change will be required if your vehicle feels as though it is running low on gas when driving around corners or up hills, even if the gas tank is full.

There could be possible risks associated with ignoring a faulty fuel filter and to avoid causing safety to you and others, it is necessary to allow the engine to cool down. This prevents the chances of a fire transpiring. Following this, use a screw driver to abstract the fuel filter from the carburetor and ensure the fuel filter is facing upwards while you disconnect the rubber fuel line hose. Should any fuel pour out when you point the fuel filter downwards, it is likely your filter is working reasonably. However if no gas comes out, it is essential to purchase and fit a brand new Tecumseh fuel filter.

You can find out more on this tecumseh Fuel Filter at the author’s website.

The Different Types of Trailer Rentals

For all moving needs, there are a variety of trailers that will provide the proper solutions and amenities. It is up to the customer to determine which type of trailer rentals will deliver, with the right guidelines and set of requirements.

To determine the type of rental trailers to use, one has to be familiar with the most common types of trailers rented for daily needs. The following should provide you a good idea of the type of trailer you will need.

Flatbed Trailers:
Flatbed trailers are commonly utilized by homeowners who want to move furniture, decorations, equipment and other items that do not need extra protection from the elements. Flatbed trailers are perfect for moving items in short distances and for items that are oddly shaped that fitting into an enclosed trailer should be difficult, if not impossible.

Drop Deck Trailers:
As the name implies, Drop Deck trailers drop down for easy access when loading and unloading cargo. They are ideal for moving vehicles as it is fairly easy to drive up and down the trailers.

Lowboy Trailers:
Lowboy trailers, as the name implies, are trailers that have their load floors close to the ground. They are ideal for moving heavy equipment and vehicles, such as bulldozers and cranes since they are closer to the ground for easier loading and can handle a great deal of weight.

Dry Van Trailers:
Although the name may be confused with the regular van, Dry Van trailers are full-sized to handle huge amounts of cargo. The insides are similar to a van and are ideal for transporting soft products and goods, such as clothing and paper products. They usually have paneling or covering in their interior to carry dry goods and equipment. For whatever use you might think of for this trailer type, you can be sure that the items you want to haul will be protected from the elements and bad weather due to its enclosed feature.

Livestock Trailers:
Most commonly used for transporting cows and horses, livestock travel trailers are enclosed at the bottom but have openings at eye level for animals to allow good ventilation. Most common livestock trailers are horse trailers, which has more elaborate features to ensure a stress free and safe travel experience for the horses. These trailers must have proper room for the horses to move and brace for balance and with several window slats to let in light and ventilation.

Whether for moving home furniture, decoration and appliances; or for hauling small and heavy equipment, there will always be a trailer type to suit your every need. Make sure to find the proper trailer size for your items and find a reputable service provider to ensure safe and secure hauling services.

2012 Ford F150 Platinum Pickup Truck Review

The Ford F-150 pick-up has been the best-selling motor vehicle in the United States for many years. Due to the different configurations that the manufacturer offers, it’s almost a true statement that there is an F-150 truck model to suit everyone’s needs.  The new 2012 Ford F150 pickup truck range includes the Platinum model. This Ford F150 Platinum Model is a bit more of a luxury version with an impressive trim – that you probably wouldn’t want to scratch – because it really is that beautiful.

Here is a review of this awesome luxury Ford 150 pick-up truck – which might make you help make your mind up if you are thinking about buying one in 2012.
Ford F-150 Platinum
The Ford F-150 Platinum pickup by sscornelius, on Flickr

Brief Overview of the 2012 Ford F-150

  • The EcoBoost V6 model will make 365 horse power
  • 420 pounds per foot of torque (90% of which is when at 1,700 revs per minute)
  • Prices start at around $45,000 and can be as high as $55,000 US Dollars
  • Will take a maximum pay load of over three thousand pounds

Luxury Trim with Additional Extras

Whilst the Platinum Ford F-150 isn’t there most expensive model (that honor goes to the over-the-top Ford Harley Davidson edition) it does occupy the higher price bracket of the range.  This model comes fully-loaded with all the mod-cons you would expect and has been designed to have a luxury feel.  For example you will benefit from six and half foot pick-up bed, four wheel drive, and a 3.73 limited-slip rear axle.  The 2012 model also comes with a navigation system – although there’s a hidden cost with that as you will need to purchase additional Ford F-150 Navigation updates every year to keep the maps current.

The back-seats will easily accommodate people who are well over six foot tall, with loads of leg-room to spare.  Also impressive is the interior which is outfitted with an earthy brown leather finish of which have been crafted to an extremely high standard.

What About the Engine?

Despite being one of the more expensive Ford F-150s that money can buy, it actually comes with the smallest displacement engine that’s available in the range.  It’s a 3.5 liter Ecoboost V6 that has 365 horsepower and then 420lbs per foot of torque.  It’s fair to say that because of this the F-150 Platinum will never feel like it has a lack of power and there’s very slight lag during acceleration – you wouldn’t even notice it.

Performance Including Fuel and Gas Economy

If driving in the inner-city then you can expect to get around 17 miles to the gallon from the Ford F-150.  In terms of accelerating then it’s extremely fast for a pick-up.  The specifications state that you should be able to hit naught to sixty in around six and a half seconds.  Because 90% of the torque is available at around 1900 RPM it should never be lacking in power despite the lack of a V8 engine.

Conclusion on the Ford F-150 Platinum Review

This is a great pick-up and with the fast acceleration, heavy load and towing thresholds, and plenty of room for five adults it lives up to the billing from Ford as being a jack-of-all-trades vehicle that would suit anyone.  It is an eminently practical pick-up and a beast at heart that lacks absolutely nothing in the way of luxury comforts or indeed performance.  If there’s one slight negative to the F-150 then it would be the high-cost of repairs – but then if you’re prepared to pay this optimum price for a Platinum model perhaps this might not be such an important consideration for you?

About the Authors

This review comes courtesy of the Ford enthusiasts at www.FordNavigationDVD.net who offer information and best prices on Ford GPS updates.  Please check them should you wish to update the maps on your Ford F-150 navigation system.

auto floor mats

The Types of Car And Auto Floor Mats

auto floor matsCar floor mats are a necessity for your car’s or auto’s interior. They not only look fine inside your vehicle, but protect your entire interior from all the grime, debris, mud, snow and sludge that can be brought onto your beautiful carpet. There are four basic kinds of auto floor mats, and all protect your carpet well. They are usually much better than the original floor mats that came with your vehicle from the manufacturer, unless you have a top-end car, such as a Ferrari or Viper.

Why you should have floor mats in your car or truck
Quality floor mats are a must if you want to preserve your carpet, and keep the value of your vehicle as high as possible. If your carpet is like new, when it’s time to trade in your vehicle it will be worth much more with a carpet that’s like new. There’s no avoiding inclement weather, so those floor mats will not only look attractive in your car, but will definitely be appreciated once people track the mud in your clean auto. Today, you can find car floor mats of all types and prices at not only your auto supply store or dealership, but at online stores.

The 4 kinds of auto floor mats
For your climate and/or taste, there are four basic kinds of floor coverings when it comes to auto floor mats. They are 1) economical universal mats, 2) clear vinyl, 3) all-weather, made of highly protective rubber, and 4) luxury carpet mats, which are often embroidered.

Here are the outstanding features of each auto flooring options:

  1. Universal mats are the most economical, and are not precisely fitted for a particular vehicle. They are often thin, and if there’s a carpet on it, its pile is not very densely woven. It will slip more than other mats, but will protect your carpet from dirt and debris.
  2. Clear vinyl is transparent to show off your beautiful carpet. It’s durable and will wipe clean easily. Like the rubber mats, you can take it out and just hose it well for thorough cleaning. These mats usually have ridges on the bottom, which keep the mats fairly secured.
  3. Rubber, or all-weather floor mats, serve well as 4X4 mats for off road driving, and for driving in rough weather climates. They have ridges or cups to trap liquids and mud, keeping your carpet and feet dry. Rubber floor mats are stain resistant, and are very durable. They usually have soft rubber nips on the backing to keep the mats in place.
  4. The luxury mats are the best of both worlds. They are very durable, and are very stylish. They have a highly dense quality pile, such as Berber carpet, with often an embroidered logo or initials, and are very secure. Usually, they are anchored in place for the ultimate safety to the driver. Also, they are the safest for passengers in getting in and out of your vehicle. They are the finest mats available for your vehicle, and are very durable. Often, they have a lifetime warranty.

Why Buy A 7 Seater SUV?

There has been an increasing sales percentage in SUVs over the years. This increase has come about as a result of changes in requirement of vehicle owners and better SUVs coming into the automobile market. Almost all car manufacturers have their own brand of SUVs with the most popular type being 7-seater SUV.

7-Seater SUVs like what the name suggests can accommodate 7 people at a time. Now, whether you use this space for seating or luggage is purely your choice. A Mercedes Benz 7-seater SUV offers comfortable legroom, boot space and seating as compared to a normal sedan. An SUV makes it possible for its occupants to shift around or even stretch out a bit without having to leave the vehicle.  Modern day SUVs are fitted with powerful engines that give these vehicles same amount of acceleration and torque as that of a car. SUVs also have wider tires and better traction as they are meant to go places where normal cars are not.

Highways during rain or snow are no problem for an SUV because of the traction they offer. An SUV would not stall even with one or two feet water on roads-something that can be a real life saver in the torrential rainy season.

Interiors of SUVs have also undergone major changes in the past few years. They come with stylish, classy interiors that can compete with any sedan. Dual air conditioning vents, chilled glove compartments etc are standard fitment on today’s SUVs.

If you are planning to buy a vehicle for your family, the best option would be to go in for an SUV. With better power assisted steering provided on SUVs, you can drive it just as easily in the city as you would with your small car. As most car manufacturer do offer finance assistance for SUVs, the better choice would always be an SUV.

toyota truck bed

Load Liner for Trucks

toyota truck bedWhat Is A Truck Load Liner?

A load liner is an accessory for a truck that keeps the bed of a truck free from scratches and general wear. The load liner itself will take the heavy hits from all of your loading, but the actual body of the truck will not. So it’s just not smart to NOT put a load liner in your truck. Why scrape up the actual body of the bed of your truck when you don’t have to?

A load liner is also easily replaceable, too. Once the load liner you have becomes worn or shabby looking, you can purchase another load liner that can be easily installed. The load liner for truck beds comes in all different shapes, sizes and materials.

Main Advantages of Having A Load Liner

In older times, when a load liner didn’t exist, the metal bed of the trucks would become scratched and the truck quickly lost its worth and appeal. But what if you can have some covering or guard and avoid damaging the irreplaceable truck bed and body? Load liners, the relatively new accessory for trucks that maintains the well-being of the truck’s bed and body will do that for you.

A load liner just doesn’t protect the body of your truck, but it is also meant for practical purpose. The things you store in your truck bed won’t slide around like things do on metal. They will be more secure and you won’t have to worry about heavier things smashing lighter things. With the coarser load liner, you can rest assured that the things you store in the back of your truck will be in the exact same place you put them in after your journey.

Also chances are, one day, you’ll want to eventually sell your truck. Before selling, a new load liner can be inserted in your truck bed and your truck will look as good as new and maybe get you a few extra bucks out of your deal. Go get a load liner.

How To Buy Truck Load Liners?

Load liners are not the cheapest things, but they will keep your truck in good condition. It is very easy to find a load liner that fits your specific truck. Once you find a size that suites your needs, you will also have to find a load liner material that fits your needs.

There are softer, less rough, liners that are good for sliding wood on or there are coarser liners that are good for keeping heavier, bulkier items in place. Rhino skin load liners, which are a coarser kind of load liner, are not great for transporting wood as wood easily scratches when it is rubbed up against the skin of the load liner.

yamaha fazer motorcycle

Figuring out the Best Wheel chock for Your Motorcycle

yamaha fazer motorcycleDid you recently purchase a trailer for your motorcycle? Well now you need to purchase the part that will lock it in place, the ‘Wheel Chock’. It is quite a bit more secure then a kickstand and can also be secured in your garage. Motorcycle wheel chocks are mounted securely on a trailer or trucked. The chock cages the front wheel and straps in bike. There are many motorcycle wheel chocks out in the market today. But, what should you look for in a wheel chock?

Does it fit your trailer or truck bed?

Take out the measuring tape and see if the chock and the bike can all fit. Look for how it is mounted before purchasing to avoid unnecessary hassle.

Does it fit your bike?

There are many all in one chocks, but to be safe I would find a wheel chock that is specifically designed for your motorcycle. For example you would not want to buy a dirt bike wheel chock for a Kawasaki Ninja 250r. A bit of wiggle room width wise is common with the all in ones.

Can one person mount it?

Find one that can be mounted by a single person. There are many chocks that can, and also many that cannot. They are usually advertised as such.

Cost vs. Quality

As always, going cheap may cause more damage financially in the long run. Cheap chocks may not be as durable and give way to the force of the bike. Spend enough to not have to worry.

Hopefully now you know the answer to the question, “How do trailers keep motorcycles so secure?” Well, with a wheel chock. There are differences between wheel chocks. Choosing the right one is critical to insure that your bike ends up coming home in one piece. Now that you know what to search for in a motorcycle wheel chock, time to find your chock, and then hit up the racetrack. Stay safe.

Car Shipping: A Convenience for College Students?

Increasingly more and more college students are attending universities far from their hometowns in an effort to leave their childhood behind and enter into adulthood with a new found independence in a brand new environment. To facilitate this move, car shipping is becoming an increasingly popular practice among certain families with college students. How does a 19 year- old girl simultaneously deal with the lack of her car and the majority of her wardrobe?

One solution is to combine the process and pack a car full of clothes to be shipped to her university destination. Now with the advent of car shipping, a student will have both the ability to drive while at school, which is extremely beneficial to a student who is attending a university that is not located in a city, and also the ability to double the amount of things that can be brought to school all for the price of one. Instead of shipping extra objects separately and driving ones car down, one now has the ability to combine the two. The car is spared the excess mileage of driving from ones hometown to ones university and back. The student can comfortably fly down without worrying about the excess baggage fees that airlines tack on more and more as of late. While car shipping is certainly not an extremely cheap alternative, with the increasing price of oil driving up gas prices coupled with the airlines ever-stricter baggage regulations, car shipping has the potential to be a more cash effective mode of shipment.

Not only does a person have the potential to get a bigger bang for his/her buck, but the process also adds simplicity to what has can be a very complicated move. Once the car is packed and ready to be shipped, all that needs to be worried about is how the student will get to the university and then unpack the car once he/she arrives. There does not need to be the hassle of packing all of ones objects in boxes and weighing them and then bringing them down to the post office. This process eliminates a lot of the frustration of the typical shipping process. The student now has one less thing to stress over in a time that can be extremely hectic. For many parents of college students this process may seem like a welcome alternative as it eases both their anxieties and the anxieties of their child. Car shipping may soon develop quite a big following in the college community.